Real-life Assistant?

Hi all!

I used Beeminder extensively a few years ago, until I eventually suffered from goal burnout.

It did work for me for very simplistic goals like weight but not for what I have realized is what I really need: Some kind of personal project manager. I’m actuall quite good at working focused if a concrete goal is set and I have to live up to social expectations. Monetary, not so much.

Beeminder used to have this personal assistant-level as their highest tier, as far as I remember. But it looks like it’s not available any more. And it was a bit more than I can afford anyway.

So does anybody know of any service where you can have some kind of project manger for for instance one Skype/IM meeting pr. week?

Or maybe a website where you set goals with other people and keep each other accountable? That might work as well.

I’ve tried a lot of different productivity systems the last 10 years and I feel like I have not really gotten anywhere substantial. And I’m tired of having a lot of ideas and skills as not being able to finish most of my projects.


Ah, yes, the erstwhile Beekeeper program.
You could also try (which originally launched as and which we blogged about at the time:

Or just pairing up with an accountabilibuddy… @malcolm is especially good at arranging such things, or hang out in one of the Complice co-working rooms:

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Hey @brusk

You can skype with me every x weeks? (I prefer every 2 weeks, as this is usually enough to get off track and just enough to feel the expectation)

If the money is not a big motivator, you can pay a fee per skype meeting. I listen, you talk. 10 - 15 minutes, more if needed is okay.

Let me know what you think.


Thanks guys, this is exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for :slight_smile: !

I’ll send you a pm, @bcool.

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Is there a way to automate entries to beeminder? I love beeminder, but have been noticing that positive reinforcement sometimes motivates me when the stick fails.

1 Like integration would be pretty awesome! Mind suggesting that to them? They might also have ideas for doing that via IFTTT or something…

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positive reinforcement, damn i almost forgot this existed.


I automate Coach with Beeminder by combining it with IFTTT and gmail. Coach sends you a summary email daily. I use it to trigger keywords from my coach goals. They go to my coach beeminder goal. I use it as motivation to complete certain goals by a cutoff time. I have it set so my daily email of goal completions is sent at 1pm so I have to get them checked off by then. I’ll admit its work setting up in the beginning depending on how many goals you have. It’s been quite helpful though. I havent been doing it long. I would also be interested in a simpler set up if one comes along.


Awesome! Looking in to what I need to set up!