Seeking someone to harass me about my work hours

Need an accountability buddy because I’m struggling to stay on topic during work hours! Anyone up for it? (It can also be multiple people… actually the more people checking on me the better!!)

I would need you to do random spot checks on a Beeminder goal I have. Basically I want to know that someone is watching me and will eventually notice if the hours I log as work hours on Toggl here toggl – spencerrose – beeminder are much higher than the hours that Rize automatically categorized as work-related activities, which I will post dated screenshots of here starting Monday.

It would be ideal if you could like or comment on the screenshots in the album when you crosscheck them so I feel extra perceived.

Thank u in advance for curing my ADHD


You may find useful.


I tried BAAS but they made a lot of mistakes with my graphs and it ended up being a huge hassle to fix :confused: But if anyone has something they want random spot-checks on (not daily), I am happy to reciprocate!

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