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Holding yourself accountable to voting


Hey all,

I’m part of a team that is developing a model that combines financial and social incentives to help people hold themselves and their friends accountable to voting in elections at all levels. Would love to get a sense of whether anyone in this community has used Beeminder or another platform to follow through with voting (or steps along the way like registering or researching)?


This is such an interesting question…I have not used Beeminder for this but now I’m thinking of way to incorporate Beeminder into an election related action. My friends and I have had “local issue” happy hours before Election Day to discuss some of the confusing issues that are on ballots. Ilive in Oregon where we vote by mail and often have voting parties. I’m imagining setting up a goal to host/attend topic discussions on a regular basis. I only wish I had already done this to have data on the discussions and events I’ve already attended!


dreev> Have you ever beeminded something related to political activism or voting?

Nope (and wouldn’t do as it’s not recurring enough), but I probably entered some voting-related tasks in habitica at some point, mostly about the setting up of a procuration (contact people, send reminders, find form, fill form, send form, go meet about form, whatnot).

@OP Your question spans across two lines and is hard to understand and therefore to answer.

Nevertheless: Probably yes, Habitica, for steps like registering.


I tried bee minding an hour or so a week on political activism. Unfortunately I ran out of good ways to use my time. I didn’t feel like phone calls to Congress people were that effective, and working on a campaign was too much work. If you have ideas for small tasks I’d love to hear them. Maybe at home phone banking or similar?