How are people beeminding Anki in 2023?

I see a lot of old threads (incl this one which references a 2016 add-on) but it’s unclear to me if a canonical way has emerged for how to do this.

(My context: I have a sizeable backlog of due cards that I’d like to slowly reduce + monitor that through BM.)

Is everyone just using these old add-ons to manage their Anki bees, or is there a better way perhaps via one of these meta-beeminder tools that I occasionally see people talking about?

Any tips / pointers would be greatly appreciated!


I do it like this:

I created also a beenary goal from this one.

In the past I had a bot to crawl ankiweb, but it is a hack. We shouldn’t do it


Thanks for these suggestions, but they probably won’t work for me as I usually turn off my internet while I’m reviewing.

Also still feels a bit hacky!

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The Anki folks explicitly forbid anyone from integrating with the Anki backend in any way (with an exception given to the AnkiDroid folks who aren’t really the same team).

There’s folks who have made custom sync servers, and you can use them in AnkiDroid and on Anki Desktop, but you weren’t able to use a custom sync server with the iOS client for the longest time. Maybe it’s possible now: but I haven’t looked in a while.

I had a custom sync server set up that would poke Beeminder everytime you synced to it. I haven’t used it in a few years but it was the least hacky way I could rig up maybe 5 years ago (and it was still quite a hack). I’d love for Beeminder to have a Beeminder-official integration that works slick, but I’m skeptical Beeminder would want to actually host user’s cards… and that still leaves the open iOS question.

It’s a bummer, really. I added MathJax support to AnkiDroid and a few other things, and was pretty excited about all of it, and just… a bunch of papercuts.


Here’s how I Beemind Anki these days:

  1. Do More goal for cards reviewed.
  2. Do More goal for completing today’s reviews (0= no, 1= yes).
  3. Do Less Whittle Down goal for the number of cards placed in a separate deck because they need to be broken down/edited/checked. Once I edit a card from this deck, it gets moved out of it back to the regular rotation.
  4. For a while I had an “Overdue” smart deck. I used a Do Less Whittle Down goal for the number of cards left in it. This goal is now complete :slight_smile:.

I do card review on my Android, which was set up with tasker.

Tasker > Open Anki - start beeminder timer
Tasker > Close Anki - stop beeminder timer

and then set a timer for however long you want to practice Anki for.

It’s obviously time based and not cards reviewed. But it’s an option.