How can I archive goal using API?

I found and read through it, also searched for “archive”

Both failed to find anything.

How can I archive goal through the API? Is it necessary to build something running Selenium or equivalent?

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To respond to the original question, I looked at the source and it doesn’t look like it’s exposed via the API.

It is done via a POST, so if you need to automate it today or something, you could probably do it with a cookie and a POST and that’d be more reliable than something like Selenium tends to be.

I don’t steer the Beeminder ship, but it seems that archive support may be a pretty straightforward addition, and I’d love to see it too.

I suppose if archive gets added, probably unarchived should be added too, huh?


Hi folks! I deleted some of my posts on this thread as I figure out how to constructively improve the forum guidelines, in case the history seems weird here.

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