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Feature request: Reusing archived URLs.

I often find that I want to restart a goal I’ve previously finished with an entirely different structure (also, TBH, even when I want to restart it with the same structure I usually want to create it as a new goal because I rarely find restarting works well).

This results in a bunch of goals with slugs like running2 or blogging2, which offends my sense of aesthetics. I’d really like to be able to use the slug from a previously archived goal and rename the archived one, but I can’t change goal slugs without restarting the goal because settings for archived goals don’t exist. This makes me slightly sad.


I’ve taken to always changing the slug before I archive a goal.

Protip you shouldn’t have to know: you can change the slug of archived goals (without restarting) via the API.

Neither of these things should be a replacement for beeminder handling this situation properly.

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You can easily change archived goals’ goalnames (aka slug) via the website now, but they’re no longer changeable through the api. We even made some other settings changeable for archived goals, I think mostly privacy settings.