how can I hide some of my goals, except specific hours?

I have some goals that are relevant only late in the night (switch off computer – see Designing goal for limiting phone/computer during night )

Is there any way to hide them except specific hours? For example now two red goals stare at me, and only late in the evening I will be able to do anything about them.

My current idea is to: add fake big datapoint now, create scron script that will retroratchet them to 0 late in the evening. In this case it should work, as with closed computer this goal is achieved anyway.

Is there a better way that would avoid any fake datapoints?

There are two ways you might find helpful.
(Definitely don’t use fake data! Yikes! Fake data is a quick way to hop onto a slippery slope that winds up making Beeminder more than a little useless in the end. Though a number of people have recovered from that by cutting it out completely after they’ve started, I’ve watched it tank Beeminder for more people than were able to recover from it.)

The first thing I would suggest is to change the deadlines on your goals so that they’re in the order that makes sense for the day. You don’t have to make traditionally morning goals have a morning deadline, since not everyone likes the idea of having a waterfall of goals ( You can just add one minute to each deadline, starting with the one that usually comes next after the first, and continuing on like that.

So, for instance, if you have a morning workout goal, but it has an 11pm deadline because sometimes you need a plan b), and the next thing you usually have to do after your “work out” goal is a “start work goal”, and then a “Must Do Task” goal, you could give the workout goal an 11:00 PM deadline, the “start work” goal an 11:01 PM deadline, and the “Must Do Task” goal an 11:02 PM deadline. That way, they show up in that order on your dashboard.

Another option is tags. We haven’t wrapped this into the main site’s UI yet, but you can use tags to manage what goals you see (and when, by viewing different tags at different times of the day). There’s a forum thread about it here: Remember tags? Work dashboard

I hope those help!


I also have one more cron-based idea:

Have do-more goals with 0 slope (can be created by using API, UI will not allow you to make a 0-sloped goal).

For most of the time goal is fulfilled all the way to the infinity, so should be ranked at the bottom.

Cron will add -1 datapoint at 23:50. At this point it would appear as red one, ready to fail. In case of switched off computer it would not appear, but it would be OK as the goal is “stay away from the computer after midnight, stupid”.

Looks very promising, but it seems that there is no support in the Android app.

It helped with ordering with Android app or on the website and in the app. I set sleep goals to 0:01 to trigger immediately after midnight. My red sleep goals are still useless appearing before actually doable yellows, but at least as last of the red ones. Thanks!

And I already started to slipping on that slope some time ago and I prefer to not restart it.

I do something like this with one of my goals. I have a goal that I enter in the time that I do something at. At midnight, I add a datapoint of 23:59 with a comment of “PESSIMISTIC PRESUMPTION (autodestructs with new data)”. When I add new data during the day, that datapoint deletes itself. (The magic is in the comment.)

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