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Remember tags? Work dashboard

Anyone remember tags? I had totally forgotten about them. It was a thing we sort of haphazardly threw into the new Dashboard view back 2016… whoah. Original UVI: and, of course, find/create/manage your own at

So… I remembered them on Friday and made a work-goals-only dashboard for myself, so I don’t have to look at or think about the home-specific things while I’m at work.

Or, I tried out creating a specific goal for each of the exercises I’m supposed to do for strengthening my shoulders for physical therapy. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but I don’t need to do each exercise every day, and I thought if I lower the threshold for doing some PT from “do all 8 things” to “do 2 or 3” it would be easier. Normally I don’t like having gads of related goals mostly because they add to confusion / clutter when I’m viewing my dashboard. So I made a dashboard just for PT goals.

Of course, this does mean a proliferation of beeminder tabs open with various dashboards, and some risk of missing an important goal because it’s out-of-sight-out-of-mind, So I do have a tab with my full dashboard open, and I’m hoping I don’t forget about that. Also I’ve got the beeminder app on my phone as a final defense against accidental derails. So hopefully this will go well!


I’ve been waiting for this feature to be completed and also in the gallery view for years :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for posting this! I’d completely forgotten about the feature. Having separate ways to slice and dice different views of my bees is a REALLY power feature for me. I’m putting it to use right now.


As some sort of addition to what tags have just opened up to me in terms of possibilities, I’d love the ability to not see green goals in these tagged (or general overview) views. I have lots of goals, and having the ability to slice with tags is already a great feature for me. But having the ability to turn off my greenies would be great, too. I guess maybe there’s already some CSS jujitsu that might do this for me?


Wow that is useful. I have a couple of “counter” goals, that I’d rather not see on a normal basis. Now I can just go #!i and they disappear. I love it.

For those too lazy (like me) to click through to the UVI. You “activate” a tag by adding it to your url. So[user]#[tag] is how you view only a tag and[user]#![tag] is how you exclude a tag.


I would also LOVE a way to hide goals that aren’t due today (or that are beyond a particular threshold, in the more general sense). The sorting definitely helps already, but being able to control my view would be even better.


For what’s its worth, if you use Slack, /bee list 5 will show only the 5 most urgent goals (5 is an example)


Both these are features of the Emacs Beeminder client I wrote.

Also, am I the only one who would love to get the tags through the API, e.g., as a JSON array under the goal datastructure?