How did my goal go from 0 to 5 days with weekends off?

This seems like it might be a bug - I’m not sure. My magick goal (1/day) was due today. I entered data for today, and then it said I’m good for 5 days! How is that possible? I have weekends off but the weekend isn’t that long.

I expected that it would say it’s due again tomorrow, since tomorrow is Thursday and I don’t have a buffer.

Here’s a pic:

The plot thickens… when I compare the rate lists on the website, “magick” shows up as rate 0 till 4/12, whereas another goal is rate 7/week till 4/10 and rate 0 till 4/12, as I would have expected.

Yep, looks like the derailment messed with the weekend off. I’ve reinstated it for you. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Do we know what happened?

Was this a bug? Do I get stickers? I love your stickers :heart_eyes: :honeybee:

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No stickers for this one, derailments + breaks is so known an issue that it doesn’t count. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha ok! :frowning:

Wait - I’m confused. So this is an issue every time I derail with weekends off? I don’t understand what the bug is?

Well, it’s a long story and we’re working hard on it. I guess the handwavy way to describe the bug for now is that weekends-off interferes with other changes to the road like when you derail. I’m happy to authorize stickers for this (ps, just added you to the list!). Even bugs we know about and are actively working on, getting additional bug reports is hugely valuable to help prioritize. I’m actually not totally sure this is a bug yet but we definitely want to use this as a test case / regression test. Thanks for reporting it! (And thanks to @shanaqui for manually fixing in the meantime!)

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Aww yay! thanks! :heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heart_eyes_cat: What list do you mean?

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Oh, ha, the list of people getting stickers. I’m not sure if it’s backlogged at the moment with everyone stuck at home. Probably not actually, since the mail still works and we don’t need to go to a post office or anything to get those out! I mean, it might still be backlogged, just not for that reason. :slight_smile: I think we’re never more than a month behind these days though! So holler if it’s been that long!

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