How do I register multiple failures a day?

I maintain a Google Sheet in which a certain column must never get a negative value. Whenever it does, I need a sting, or multiple stings (the number would depend on another column). But all I can find is binary: a goal met/not met.

Alternatively, I could use Habitica’s Habits, but, while I do see support for Habitica, only Dailies and ToDos appear to be supported.


Hi! Hmmm, interesting use case – thanks for mentioning what you were looking for; it’s always helpful to hear! You would only be able to be charged once a day, using a Beeminder graph. Maybe you could set something up with the IFTTT charge trigger, though?

I could do that. But I believe immediate reinforcements are more powerful psychologically, otherwise I’d just be putting that money in a jar and not need Beeminder. (I once did exactly that, ended up with $300 in a jar, then took them back, lol).

Anyone knows any other service to do that?

Curious why Habitica habits are not supported. Sounds like you already have all the logic in place.

As a dev - perhaps you are experiencing scalability issues preventing you from doing intraday adjustments? Just curious.

I don’t know all the details of what you’re trying to do, but I think shanaqui’s suggestion is a good one. Beeminder exposes its “charge me” functionality via IFTTT (and an API, too. Set up your Google Sheet with IFTTT and having it trigger a charge. If IFTTT doesn’t check fast enough, I’d recommend hitting the API directly. There are a variety of no- or low-code tools that can connect the two, like Integromat, but Google Sheets supports Google Apps Script. Apps Script will let you monitor cells or a column, and run functions based on changes to them.

The derailing-multiple-times-a-day thing isn’t really a scaling thing.

Beeminder aggregates data by day to get a daily value. Depending on the type of goal, the aggregation may be different. Some goals take the “worst” datapoint, others take the “best”. Some take the average of the datapoints, others take the first datapoint. This is pretty great, in general, and works to support many, many different types of goals, and bypasses quite a few snags.

One place where this approach limits things, however, is in scheduling things at a greater granularity than a single day. If you want to be able to derail multiple times in one day on a graph, which datapoints would be taken into account? Would each datapoint be considered on its own, without any aggregation? Once that’s the case, there are some tricky things that Beeminder’s been able to bypass by using daily aggregation. For instance, what happens if a datapoint gets submitted twice? Instantly two charges? (There’s deeper things too, like multiple transactions in rapid succession for the same amount of money from an online vendor are often pegged as fraudulent by the payment networks…)

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Because Habitica’s Habits work differently than its To Do’s and Dailies, all the logic isn’t in place for them. There’s some brief details about why Habits aren’t supported at Tracking Habitica Habits - #5 by alys and more info at the other post it links to. :slight_smile:

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TaskRatchet may be of interest to you. TaskRatchet Development Updates (also search for “taskratchet” in this forum for other posts).


I tried and got scared by the login screen. No CSS?

Another use case. I need to make a one-time payment of X dollars to Beeminder. I can’t spend any time figuring out how to do that, because by doing so, I’ll derail even further. I don’t want to risk further payments. It’s a fairly large sum. What do I do?

I understand that my premium account allows me to send half to charity.

I guess there’s always the donate button! (That would not allow you to send half to charity, mind you – nor would charging via IFTTT.)

Sounds like it didn’t load properly - maybe try a shift-reload or a cache clear? It definitely has CSS. This is what it should look like (but larger; this is at 50%):

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