Making a personal dashboard (hopeless idea)

So I wanted to create a dashboard in sheets instead of the current app i’m seeing everyday for some extra stimulus.

every day open up an excell sheet
in the excellsheet i would see a pyramid.
basic setup:
3 rows
couple of columns

bottom row are the helpers (e.g. exercise, administrative things)
middle row are the “must do things” (work & my rails project)
top row (e.g. 1 item) is like "wish do things) (extra hours on my rails project :slight_smile: )

I think this could be some kind of thing that I would love to see in the web version as well for beeminder.

So i looked at zapier to setup a daily zap for all of my beemidners towards sheets, but it doesn’t have that option.

Should I do this myself with the api then towards a simple client app & deploy that to heroku? Anyone with similar ideas?
What are the options :slight_smile:

Something like this:

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That is a difficult task. A possible consideration:

If you have an Android phone you can technically create a pyramid on your home screen with widgets.

It looks like IFTTT has the ability to send Beeminder data to a Google sheet. Here a few options:

  1. Datapoint created for a specific goal -> update data in a specific cell
  2. Datapoint created for any beeminder goal -> Update data in a specific cell
  3. Datapoint created for a specific goal/any goal -> Create a new google sheet row
  4. Send the number of buffer days left for a goal -> create a new row or update cell

So you could create a Google Sheet with the cells in the form of a pyramid. From there you can add conditional formatting to each cells to change the color (e.g. if there are less than 2 buffer days highlight red)


I setup up a trigger to see if this actually works.

N days of safety buffer for a specific goal
This Trigger fires when a specific goal gets too close to derailing. You choose which goal and how many days before derail it should fire when you set up the Trigger.

I make this applet: IF more than 1 day for a goal that currently has 38 days to derailment THAN fire the trigger to post (XYZ) to a specific cell in a sheet. When I click on “check now” for the applet, it should send some information to the sheet right? But the applet still says: “never run”.

Did a couple more combinations, but none seem to work. Debugging this applet seems too time consuming as I don’t know why the applet isn’t firing the trigger.

Anyone has done this setup?

Thinking about using the api again. Giving goals priorities and based on that order them in 3 lists. Will come back later to this. The current user dashbaord e.g. /username is certainly something that could benefit from this idea.

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Anybody else wants to see a change on their goals dashboard as well?

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Is all the data you’re after on the beeminder dashboard? If so, you should be able to wrangle it into shape using

If you’re needing to pull from multiple data sources, then there are a few dashboarding services:

Or you could build one yourself (I’ve done this at work) using:


Hey Joseph, thanks.

For now its only beeminder. Going to checkout that first link next week.