How do you choose between 5/week and 7/week with weekends off?

Say you have a daily task and you want to give yourself a break on the weekends. You could set the rate to 5/day, or you could enable “weekends off.” How do you decide?

What’s the technical difference? What are the advantages or disadvantages of each?


With weekends off, your road goes flat on the weekend, so you don’t derail. With 5/week (without weekends off) it’s still possible to derail on a weekend, since your rate is basically set to .714/day, and you’ll derail if you go under.

To me, “weekends off” pretty much says “I don’t want to even think about this goal during the weekend” and “5/week” says “if I only did it four times during the week, make me do it on Saturday”.

I use 5/week for a gym goal (since I’m ok with going on Saturday), and weekends off for any work-related goal, for example, waking up in time for work.


I think ultimately it depends on how well you work with accumulating a safety buffer.
Some goals I have an easy time building up safety buffer, others I don’t. Especially for the latter I really appreciate weekends off because I know I won’t build up the required buffer to be able to relax on the weekend.