For things you need to do just once every single day but not more

I guess what happens if you miss a day you are never going to get back on track? Is this right?
So my idea is to put 6.5/week instead of 7 so you can allow to recuperate. Or is there a better way?


If you miss a day and derail the road will adjust itself so you are back on track again, but the recommended thing to do is to set your road rate to less than 7, despite how much you intend to do 7 a week forever you’ll probably miss one now and then for whatever reason.

6.5 will let you build buffer at the rate of one every 2 weeks.


That is how I do it. In my life, the things I think I have to do every day, I really just need to do “just about every” day.

If you really, really have a thing where you have to do it every single day, and never ever miss a day, Beeminder isn’t a perfect match. On the other hand, I don’t know of anything that is a better match.


Maybe one of the many don’t-break-the-chain apps? We have a really nice (if I do say so myself) blog post about that: The Seinfeld Hack; or, Don’t Break The Chain.

Yes, setting the rate to something like 6 or 6.5 has worked well for me in

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