How do you track visiting a specific web page?

I’m trying to beemind filling out a form every so often, and I want autodata to track when I get to the receipt page. Is there any way to do this? I don’t think I can use rescuetime for this, although I have tried.

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There might be a tool that can search your browser history.
(Sorry I’m not more helpful, there are other people that know more about these type of autodata tools than me.)

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Tricky one! This will probably involve coding up something. A browser extension, for example. Can you say what the form is? Ideally this would be done as a feature built in to that form.

It’s a report I have to fill out on a biweekly basis on a web page of a
government agency. Ideally I would be tracking visits to the receipt page.

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If you only need to fill it out once a day or less, you could turn on page tracking in RescueTime, and make a Beeminder custom goal with aggregation set to “binary”. What I believe this does is, if Rescuetime enters a non-zero datapoint to Beeminder, Beeminder treats the datapoint as +1, but if Rescuetime enters 0, then Beeminder treats it as zero; unless I’m wrong about the way binary works.

You’ll have to put the page in it’s own sub-category in RescueTime for it to be trackable by Beeminder. You’ll also need a Beeminder premium plan to access custom goals, but I think you can get away with only paying for one month’s worth of premium (and create that custom goal within that one month).


Wow, smart, I did not think of that but I do expect that to work! If you get a premium plan for that purpose (and also confirmed that you can get it and immediately cancel it so you’re just paying for one month of it – no need to even remember to cancel it a month later) and if it doesn’t work for any reason let us know and we’ll refund it.

One possible complication: you’d need to keep that page open long enough for RescueTime to notice but not open past midnight or it might count it again for the next day.

Let us know what you come up with on this!

One more thought: Is there an easily accessible record of the times you filled it out? If so then I actually think you should just enter the data manually. Every couple weeks Beeminder will yell at you to do it and that can prompt you to look up when you last did, make sure there’s a 1 for that date entered in Beeminder. If there already is then Beeminder’s telling you you have to go do it now and then enter your 1.

I think you’ll find it’s not so onerous.

Well, yeah, but then there’s not the awesome coolness of autodata :stuck_out_tongue:
Although for the time being that’s just what I’m doing.

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