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How does tagtime work for do-less goals/time tracking?

Fairly simple question, I guess… but I can’t figure it out. I want to make my own tagtime knockoff in discord, but I’m failing to see how you’d be able to deal with missing pings for do-less.

If you’re tracking do-more, it just works because you want to make sure not to miss pings and derail. For do-less, you can’t really do pessimistic presumptive (eg. yes, I did really not tag anything as “tvshow” because I really did not watch tvshow), but if I’m stuck in front of my tv for 3 hours, ignoring all notfiications, it’s going to be super-optimistic.

(I care about this less than the more concrete, immediate problem of above, but it seems like in general tagtime tracked time might be somewhat skewed towards “good” tags because if you’re wasting time on “bad” tags you might be more likely to miss them and if you’re focused on “good” tags you’re more likely to be focused and not miss them).

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I use TagTime Web (cuz I made it) for some Do Less goals. My solution is just to force you to respond to pings. I do not let you ignore pings. There is a big yellow rectangle that doesn’t go away until you respond. (this does have the negative side-effect of you needing to respond to a lot of pings if you ever stop using TTW then come back though)

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Interesting. I’m going to try it and let you know how it goes. Is there a version synced with your web app for android?

There isn’t any mobile apps (yet!), but it’s a PWA so can function basically as a normal app. The PWA web app supports most of what you would expect from a mobile app though: it has native push notifications and vibration support (I don’t own any devices that support Web Vibration so I just hope that vibration works right). Currently the design isn’t super-optimized for mobile, but it should work well-enough. You also need a browser that’s at least semi-modern, which shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

(given that I might release mobile apps in the future, I’m beginning to regret the name a little bit now)

edit: it’s also open source, in case that interests you

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seems like I can’t get notifications to work on Chrome, windows 10.

There haven’t been any pings on the TTW universal schedule (which is different from the TagTime universal schedule for complicated reasons) since 1:26:35 p.m. so you correctly haven’t received any ping notifications. (you always get a ping right at the moment you start using TTW but that would have been before you adjusted the notification settings).

I just tested this with Chrome on Windows 7 (no I’m not a Windows 7 user, I just happened to have a Windows 7 VM lying around), and it worked there:

Did you get that example notification?

Push notifications can be a bit weird at times, not sure what’s happening. It might be a ServiceWorker issue: try closing then reopening your TTW tab and turning notifications off then back on

thanks for checking out TTW!

I did get the example notification, but I do not get any notification now. I’m testing this with a 1 minute schedule, and I definitely am getting the pings, just no notification about them at all. I also cannot hear the sounds (not even when trying it from the settings).

I’ve completely restarted chrome, same issue.

When clicking on the sounds from the settings I get this in my console:

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Failed to load because no supported source was found.

The missing notification doesn’t seem to cause any obvious errors in the console.

EDIT: I’m now getting the notifications, but still no sound. I’m worried about this being unreliable (probably just something on my end, but still).

The audio not playing was a bug: now, it’s a fixed bug! thanks for helping with that

If it still doesn’t work after a reload you need to force an update:

How to force an update The way to force an update is a bit clunky, you have to reload, wait a few seconds, close all open TTW tabs, wait a few seconds, then open them back up. (I'm working on making that better). (if that fails, clearing the browser cache will definitely work.) You are on the fixed version if you see v301 in the footer.

TTW is definitely not a finished product yet: i’m still working on improving it!

No worries, thank you for fixing it! Seems to work now.

Ah, definitely, makes sense! Thanks for your contribution to open source, it’s always appreciated. I’ll be trying it out for a while, seeing if the rescuetime workflow in general works for me and let you know what I find out :slight_smile:

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Ah, sorry to bother you again @smitop - if my phone is very low end and has the tendency to kill apps because it needs ram for whatever other app I put on top - will I still get ping notifications?

You should. It uses the native Android notification system (which means all notifications go through Google servers (encrypted)), so it doesn’t need any apps to be running to display notifications. But I don’t have an Android device with me to test on so I’m not sure. glad I could help!

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Update 10 days later: all working perfectly and reliably! :slight_smile: thanks for the amazing tool, any other implementation wouldn’t be practical for me, so I really appreciate you making this.

How do you analyze your tagtime data? Use the tools integrated in ttw? I was thinking of plotting with a bit of python something like “7-day rolling average daily time” for each tag. Maybe there are fancier things one can do?


I mostly use the integrated graphs, Beeminder, and just manually looking at recent pings for analyzing my data. Occasionally I’ll use the SQLite export option and look at that in SQLite online, but it turns out writing SQL queries against your pings isn’t always that helpful (unless there is a SQLite-based graphing tool I don’t know about)

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