How many messages does Zeno send?

Theoretically it should be aleph-zero by midnight - if we ever get to midnight, that is!

But I’m assuming Zeno doesn’t send an infinite number of messages. I’m a little worried because I’m not sure if my phone can store that many.

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Ha! In practice there’s a granularity of something like 1 minute or 5 minutes – I forget which.

So the max number is something like 9.

Of course you can control how many you get by picking when they start and by dispatching your beemergency early. :slight_smile:

Speaking of transfinites, I saw on the QS page that one Cantor Soule-Reeves is speaking. I wonder if he was conceived on the Diag…

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:joy: Holy cow I almost spit all over my monitor. Did you also go to Michigan?

(Context for everyone else: The mathematician Cantor, famous for his diagonalization argument showing that infinities can have different sizes, is who one of our babies (the 2nd human one, not Beeminder or the other human one) is named for. And at U of M where @bee and I went to school there’s The Diag and, ok, I’m overexplaining. To answer your question: (Such a perfect case for glomarizing!))