How to beemind a minimum goal w/out creating a large buffer?

Some might have heard about mini-habits where the author has a goal of one push-up per day (but is allowed to do more). I’m looking to the same with automatic data from Draft. Am wanting to beemind a daily goal of 50 words per day, if I go over that goal on a particular day then great… but if I don’t write 50 words the next day it should start Eeping. I’m finding currently with the above goal that i have three weeks of safety as a result of having a good day. How can this be done?

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One of the features of Plan Bee is automatically trimming safety buffer. Setting the maximum safe days to one would do what you want.

Alternatively, you can retroratchet to one day manually every time you submit some words, so the next day will always be an Eep day.


Thank you.