How to Change Default progress value to enter

How do I change the default progress value to enter after creating a goal?

Most of my data entry windows come up with a blank as default.
Some of them come up with a natural value I selected (e.g. 6 (arrows)) for archery practice, which was fine till I destroyed one with a Robin Hood, but I digress).

So, I’ve set different default data to enter in the past, but can’t seem to figure out how I did it or how to change it.

So, how do I change the default progress value to enter after creating a goal?

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Hi! I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to – is this in iOS or Android, perhaps using a widget to open the app to enter data? I can’t think of anything I’d call default progress values to enter on the web version, so a bit more context would be helpful to understand what you’re looking for exactly!

I think BeemiOS might default to the value of the last datapoint you entered, for another example… but yeah, I’m afraid otherwise I’m stumped, so please do say a bit more. :slight_smile:

Lol, that’s a really cool use case.
Are other archers struggling with maintaining a quota of arrows shot every day?

@shanaqui Nailed it.

Its the Auto-fill Value in an Android widget. (I tried uploading an image but it wouldn’t let me)
Ok, now I don’t feel so crazy.

@clouedoc Re archery, I can’t speak for others, I don’t compete. 6 is a normal volley for me (or was), but I try to shoot a lot more than that per session and will probably up the value to 20 as a nudge to do at least that.


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For Android, I think you can remove the widget and readd it and choose a new value.