How to create a goal to avoid doing something at certain times?

I integrated RescueTime with Beeminder and so far it’s great! I spend much less time on distracting websites. However I would love to find a way to eliminate or just to reduce my procrastination habits. I gave myself 2 hours on distracting websites per day and most of the time I use 80% of that time early in the morning leaving myself to worry for the rest of the day.

Is there any way I could set up a Beeminder so that I could, for example, completely ‘forbid’ myself from accessing those websites from 6AM to 12AM or something like that?

Sorry for my bad English and thank you very much! Beeminder changed my life!

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Not a Beeminder-related solution, but LeechBlock is a nice FF (and Chrome AFAIK) extension which does exactly that: you can block certain websites at certain hours.