How to scale datapoints to zero?

I have a goal where Y has gotten really big and I want to scale to zero. I spent a minute thinking about math and remembered that anything multiplied by zero equals zero, but when I put that in, it says “Can’t scale by zero, dude!” Which made me laugh, but also… now what? I can get it real close to zero by multiplying by a real small number, but the imprecision bothers me. How do I get it to actual zero instead of just approaching zero? Thanks.

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Sounds like there may be confusion about what scaling means. If you scaled by zero then all your datapoints and the entire bright red line would all be squished to zero.

Here’s a use case for the scaling feature: My Kindle ate my page numbers but Beeminder saved the day

Are you looking for something like the odometer reset feature?

Oh, ya, sounds like I don’t know what I’m talking about. I kinda figured it would do it to the latest datapoint and adjust all the others to be comparatively the same. Like Y[0] = -(Y[n]) and Y[n] = 0 with all the ones in between shifting downward appropriately. Is that possible at all? I’m mostly just wanting where I’m starting counting up from zero again.

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Ah, I guess you’re wanting to translate, as mathematicians would say, rather than scale. I.e., add or subtract a constant to all your datapoints and to the red line function, to shift everything up or down.

I think the only way to achieve that would be with the API.

Not sure exactly your use case, but there is the Y-min setting. That won’t change your Y values, but it does limit what’s shown on the graph.

Also, if this were an odometer-type goal, you could do a reset to start at zero again. Wouldn’t affect previous datapoint values, but would allow you to start over for new datapoints.