How can I pause my goals on weekends?


The title says it all: I have a goal of waking up early, by forcing myself to clock in every morning. However, for weekends I’d like to pause this. Do you have an idea how I could set something like this up?

Currently I simply have an input goal where each morning I have to enter a value before 7am.

Thank you!

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Hi! Thanks for mentioning that you weren’t sure about this; always really useful to know what questions people have.

There are a few options, actually: firstly, there’s a built-in, automatic weekends-off feature for folks with premium, or you can set your rate appropriately (e.g. 5/7 per day if you want to have to add +1 on 5 days a week)… or you can set your weekends off manually using the ‘take a break’ feature (but you’d have to do so every week, and remember to do so at least 7 days in advance).

There’s a bit more detail in the help docs: What if I only want to do my goal on weekdays?

(If you tried searching the help docs and couldn’t find anything, or didn’t realise the help docs existed, or that article didn’t help… well, all of that would be really useful feedback!)

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