How would i set up this goal?

Okay, i am totally new to this so I was hoping someone would be able to help me figure this out

How would i go about setting up a goal that requires me to post to YouTube at least twice a month?

I tried to set it up but it didn’t seem right, then it said i need to upload within the next two days to add datapoints or something and that’s too soon. Is there any way to set it up so I would have to post on specific dates? Or does anyone have any advice in general ?



Hi! This sounds like a great goal and unfortunately you’re running into a
small issue.

For “reasons”, Beeminder doesn’t assume that things are done in “whole
units”. For instance, if you say you want to post 2 posts per month, it
assumes you should be doing 1/15th of a post per day! That’s kinda silly,
because you can’t really post 0.067 videos per day!

Right now, the best way around this is to start with a safety buffer. If
you start with more than 1 whole unit of safety buffer, things will mostly
work themselves out.

I think the best way to get that safety buffer is to email They’re pretty quick, are nice folks, and they’ll
set you on the right track!


On the new goal creation screen, you ought to be able to tell Beeminder to wait half a month before nagging you (check the box labeled “Start this goal with extra leeway (safety buffer)”).

That should help you for this particular case, although it doesn’t work in the general case because the buffer limit is set to 30 for reasons unknown…

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The whole unit issue is more or less solved by making the goal integery - then you would need e.g. 1 post by next sunday.

Thanks guys

Larsivi , it’s solved by making the goal what? I haven’t seen that lol

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In the goal settings (at the bottom under “Custom settings”), you can enable “Integery”. This cause all goal values to be whole numbers (1,2,3,…), and also the required work is presented as such. So for example if you should do 1 blogpost in no more than 5 days, then the goal will say “+1 due Monday”, rather than some fraction needed to get you above that line by that day.

So, if you as @drtall says, create a goal with a starting safety buffer of 15 days, and otherwise set it up to a rate of 1 every 2 weeks, then Beeminder will tell you that you need 1 more blogpost by your specified day, then every 14th day after that.


This does require being a paid subscriber to have access to the custom goal settings.


Ahhhhhh okay, So the goal would need to be custom?

Okay, thanks gretchen.

Right, sorry. I was going to mention that paid subscription might be needed, but forgot.