My goal is to create 1 video per week but it says +1 due in 1 day already. How come? Please help.

Hi I can’t understand how do you set a weekly goal. After setting up my goal, I immediately get this:

+1 due in
1d 4h 43m 16s
or pay $5

Why does it say +1 due, whereas I need to fulfill this goal for 1 week (or 7 days).

My goal is to make 1 video per week on YouTube so my data should be 1/7 entry per day but why does it say I already need +1 due in 1 day?

This is a weekly goal so I put 1/7 per day, no grace period, 7 days derail, $5 penalty and all else is default. I’m confused with this, can anyone help?

Thank you.

PS update: I read carefully the reminder before creating the goal, it says to have at least 7 days of safety buffer. I can’t understand the difference between

Post Relay Respite

I need to research on this topic. Thank you for reading.

In short, Beeminder doesn’t support weekly goals in the manner you want. If you set a slope of 1 per week, it will want 1/7th of a video tomorrow.

You can approximate the behaviour you want by adding a 7 day buffer during the goal creation. You will have 7 days to create the first video. Once you create the first video the new deadline will be extended by 7 days.

Post relapse respite is the number of days of “flatness” you get on your goal after a derailment (ie. after a relapse, this is the number of days before you will relapse again, assuming no progress).

Ratchet cuts down the buffer on the goal, so that your new deadline is that number of days in the future (Ratcheting to eg. 1 week will put the new deadline to 7 days from now).



Thanks as ever for sharing the confusion here! Always valuable to hear. I answered via email as well, but just in case anyone else has the same question, the other problem (aside from the fact already mentioned that we don’t have weekly goals as such) is that your precision is automatically set to show integers only.

If you enter an amount that isn’t an integer (e.g. 1/7th for today) then the goal will update and show you your totals due to that same degree of precision, rather than rounding up. You can also set the precision via the goal’s settings.

So once you’ve done that, you’ll have 1/7 due in a week, rather than a whole +1. If you just want to do 1/7 per day, you didn’t really need to start the goal with leeway – that suggestion exists for people who don’t want the goal to be due until the end of the week. It means that your goal won’t be due at all for a week, rather than that you’ll need to meet the goal by the end of the week.

As for your confusion about post-derail respite and ratcheting, here’s more info about those from our help docs, which are always the best place to start:

Let us know if you still have any questions about those!


Hi I forgot to come back here to say thank you for your effort and time. This question was also answered by the support team which is very nice for them. Once again, I understood your explanation quite well, thank you.