I am relapsing into the post-it stage


And again, German has a word for it: Zettelwirtschaft. Not sure how to faithfully translate this, but it’s essentially managing information in the form of many paper documents or notes

In this instance I am trying this fairly low tech approach of visualising the remaining work on a goal for that day.


What are these stuck to? Recently I tried using post-its to think through something, but they wouldn’t reliably stick to my wall. :frowning:

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That’s my flat door. But I do also have a lot on my wall. They stick just fine.

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Huh, maybe I need to get some better quality post-its. :smiley:

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FWIW mine are apparently the “original” Post-its.

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they now sell ‘super-strength’ post-it notes in shops / on amazon etc


Marbles also work. Having a dish of marbles (or those glass beads you can get at a dollar store, or dice… or anything, really) in one dish or jar and moving them to the other every time you do a slice of work is a nice way to keep track, too. @dreev has a bracelet that has beads on it that he can slide from one side to another to keep track of things.

I used to have a way overcomplicated set-up that would approximate how much time a goal would need given the units left to do and put an appropriately-sized event into a dedicated calendar. Don’t do that. (Also, I’ll post about it when I inevitably do it again so that if you want to, you can do that.)


But… as you can see, I’m predisposed to like any method that requires the use of Post-Its:


I think I may have tried doing this with LEGO’s once or twice… Never seemed to stick, though. Might have to try it again. :thinking:

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Marbles, hu! That reminds me: I have thought of making something that would send a marble down a track every time I completed a goal, or some slice of a goal. Because physical feedback is :heart:

I blame Martin:

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I also find 3D feedback helpful. I should really have my hue lights set up so that they flash blue when I give myself some extra buffer on a goal and red when my goals zeno or something again.


What timing!

I’m working on a tool just for myself – https://stickyposts.netlify.com/


That’s so cool!

I recently discovered another web app that simulates sticky notes: Whimsical

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Atomic Habits talks about a salesman that would have 120 paperclips in a cup and for each sales call he made, he’d take one paperclip and put it into another cup. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the nudge, guys. :grin:

Peel them sideways. Not vertically.

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I made a thing:


It’s a box to put post-its in!

I meant to make something different but ran out of wood, so I made this instead :sweat_smile:
It needs more sanding to get rid of the burn marks and then I’ll slab some vegetable oil on and then it might even look nice.