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I did it: Veloviewer + komoot 🚲


Available soon™️ in a store near you:

  • Chrome Web Store
  • Firefox Extension
  • Mac App Store (Nope, not paying $99 a year for a developer account, unless people want to help fund this)

once I get around to putting a decent logo on it and cut down on unused permissions and other remains from the excellent Scala.js browser extension template I used.

For the impatient, here’s a zip!

  1. Extract it somewhere
  2. Go to chrome://extensions in Chrome
  3. Turn on developer mode (top right corner)
  4. Click Load unpacked and open what you just extracted
    4.1. Instead: just drag the entire zip file into chrome onto the chrome://extensions page
  5. Done!

What am I seeing here?

A grid painted on top of the komoot map.
This grid happens to be the grid used by Veloviewer for its tiles. So you can plan your rides to maximize tile uncovering.

What is this about?

Komoot is the best tour planner for mountain biking, it’s free, it’s awesome. You should use it if you bike.

Veloviewer integrates with Strava and amongst many other things it plots a map of where you’ve been to already. I love it! It’s incredibly motivating to uncover new tiles where you haven’t been yet. I bet @dreev knows and can say a thing or two about it.

Also, you know what integrates with Strava? Beeminder!

Further Reading


Here’s a video of the extension in action: