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I don't understand how notification timing works?

Given my goals are due at midnight, I have some where I want no notifications at all and I have some where I only want a couple hours of notifications. For the former, I set the notifications start time at midnight, but still kept receiving notifications same as all my other goals. So I set it to 22:00 because that’s close enough to bedtime to not be irritating. I’m still getting notifications starting at 10am with all my other goals. It seems no matter when I set the notification start time, they start at 10am.

When I add data to a goal, I get a notification saying like “X data due in X days for [goal]”; how do I turn these off?

I do meta goal management from the computer (e.g., changing settings) and day-to-day goal usage (i.e., adding data, seeing what’s due) from my phone. I’m trying to control the notifications on my phone. Thanks!

Are the notifications in question on Android or iOS or email?


Okay, I figured it out. Notification settings don’t apply universally, which is really terrible design imo, so I have to set them both via webpage AND in the app. This is especially frustrating because I cannot disable Zeno or adjust lead days in the app, so I’m still getting spammed with notifications. @dreev 's blog post about Zeno polling argues in favor of spamming me until I dismiss the beemergency, but if ALL my goals are spamming me, the important one that needs to be attended to RIGHT NOW disappears into the noise.

This sounds really weird, because there is an “enable zenos” button in the Beedroid settings, and I’m pretty sure it means the obvious (“don’t send me reminders for this goal”). I think it’d be a good idea to take some screenshots and then send feedback to Adam via Settings>Send Feedback and make sure the option to include the diagnostic log is ticked, so we can start digging into what’s going on here. (Even if Adam takes a look and says actually, it’s working the way it’s meant to, it’ll be handy to have the troubleshooting info just to be sure.)

I would’ve expected that the reminder start time would be the same across web and Android, too, but I think it might have to be different at the moment because of how the notifications are set up? I don’t know if that will automatically improve once we re-implement them as push notifications or whether it’s something we can improve during that process – but it’s definitely a good thing for us to keep in mind, either way, so thanks for bringing that up!

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I wasn’t super clear, my bad. There is a checkbox to enable/disable zenos, but tapping it does nothing (except the scrollbar thinks you’re tapping it and jumps the page). That for sure sounds buggy, so I’ll send feedback.

In my opinion (as a developer, albeit a beeminder noob), either the UI needs to clearly reflect I’m expected to update all my notification settings twice for each goal, or it needs to change so setting them once sets them everywhere.