I want to work 35-45 hrs/week

Is there any good way to track that a value stays between two bounds on a weekly basis?

The only thing I can think of is two separate goals enforcing the lower and upper bounds.

Background: I tend to be ineffective by throwing too many hours at work, but I also want to make sure I don’t dip too low as I scale back.

Thank you for any clever suggestions!


If you really wanted it to be one goal, you could make it a do-more goal with a unit of hours and a rule that numbers over 40h (or some other number) for that week have to be entered as negatives.

(If you leave the aggregation as sum, whenever you get to 40h for a week you can enter two datapoints for that day, like so:

1 8:00
2 10:00
3 12:00
4 8:00
5 2:00
5 -5:00

where the 2 lines for day 5 mean “reached 40h after 2h of work on day 5” and “worked an extra (excessive) 5h on top of that”. With this rule, a rate of 35h / week might be appropriate, meaning you just squeaked by this week.)

That does let you build up some buffer by working exactly 40h / week though, which might or might not be desirable. And it treats weeks as a special unit of time, which they sort of are, but if you want the definition to be more elegant, it’s probably way easier to use two goals.


I rather suspect that you should use two goals for this, a do more goal with a 35 hour per week slope, and a do less goal with a slope of 45 hours per week.

For sanity of data entry, use IFTTT or similar to copy any datapoints from the do more to the do less, so that you only have to enter time once.

Alternately, with a custom goal you could set a fixed road width of 5 hours per week, a slope of 40 hours per week, and rely upon your good intention that all of your dots will be somewhere on the road, neither above nor below.

Note that do less and custom goals can be trickier than you’d expect, so require an infinibee subscription to activate, though you could ask support nicely.