Ideas for auto submitting data from Khan Academy to Beeminder?

While we wait for Khan Academy to become an official Beeminder integration, has anyone found some way to automatically submit data from Khan Academy to Beeminder? Perhaps using Zapier, IFTTT, or some custom script?

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I don’t use Khan Academy, but I spent a minute looking at what you can get from the API–what would you want to beemind?

Total seconds watched? Number of exercises marked proficient? Days that you had activity?

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I think days of activity would be best.

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I haven’t really used Khan Academy either but I’d rather see a metric like hours of learning or quiz questions answered. Something at a pretty fine level of granularity that’s a reasonable measure of total amount learned. Does Khan Academy have points?

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Yes. It does have points, but they don’t increase at a steady rate. See my goal:

You’ll notice that every once in a while I get a huge jump in points. So I don’t like that metric too much. The points do not linearly reflect the amount of effort put in.


Yeah for me, consistency is important to measure (i.e. days used) rather than the points themselves.


Any word on the Khan Academy integration? I think Toggl’s next, but after that?

The Nectar web and mobile apps have preliminary Khan Academy integration support, although no one has submitted a metric yet. For anyone with a Khan Academy account and basic Ruby on Rails knowledge, it requires about 20 mins of work.