ideas for beeminding language learning with Kwiziq?

I’m a newbie and still exploring and learning about the potential uses for beeminder. I’ve been thinking about what I could do with a site called Kwiziq that I use to practice French grammar. In short, the site tracks what users know and shows them grammar topics to practice and learn. After studying what they present, each user takes a short quiz, the results of which impact the site’s future recommendations for that user. # of quizzes taken would be an easy metric for all of this.

I’m curious if there is a way to automate the beeminding of quizzes completed. From what I have read in this forum and on the beeminder site, it seems like there probably isn’t a way to completely automate it. Kwiziq does not have an app. Am I right in thinking that the best option is to do the the steps below?

  • Set up a folder in Dropbox or Google drive

  • Add a document to the folder for each completed quiz

  • Beemind the additions to the folder

Any thoughts? Other ideas?

Thanks for the help.

(PS Off topic observation - the folks behind the Kwiziq site seem similar to the impression I have of the behind the scenes folks at Beeminder - very focused on customer service, passionate about what they do…)

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