ideas for interesting things to track

I want to track piano practise and drawing, but i dont know how to make it more interesting. Only things i do now is tracking the corresponding projects time in toggl. Is it even needed to make my graphs interesting? Or is it more importanty for it to be useful?

You could track app usage using RescueTime eg if you use something like Synthesia or Yousician for Piano, you can use RescueTime to track them.
You could alternatively make your goal output based and integrate with IFTTT eg post a drawing to Instagram/Tumblr or post song to soundcloud/create audio file to Gdrive/public Youtube.
Potentially use FocusMate and set aside time to draw/play music and then at end of session show drawing or demo what you have practiced to other person?

@anna2356 If humans were perfectly rational, the only important thing would be for the graph to be useful, but we’re not! Making something interesting or fun can be essential to help with motivation. Is that why you’re asking about making the graphs interesting? Or a different reason?

In case you haven’t found it yet, Beeminder has a Toggl integration that lets you create a graph that’s automatically populated from one or more Toggl projects and/or clients and/or tags. It’s one of my favourite integrations and helps me keep on track for various projects and hobbies.

Part of my motivation for any of my Beeminder goals comes from not wanting to lose money of course, but I also get motivation from not wanting to see a derailment in the graph (it looks less pretty!) and from wanting to keep all my goals green (which I haven’t managed for the past few days but I’m hoping to get back there soon). If you’re motivated by all-green goals, then you could start any new goal with a low rate to let you get used to doing it consistently and increase the rate to push yourself once it’s consistently green for days.

I don’t know if any of that helps. :slight_smile: Let us know what sort of interesting / motivating things you’re hoping to have and we may be able to give better advice!

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Thasnks a lot everyone for answering!