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implement new "active zone minute" feature from Fitbit

Because all Fitbit existing tracking feature (steps, active minute, distance, calories) are very easy to cheat: just manually log your exercise from Fitbit app and it will sync to beeminder, I suggest to implement new “active zone minute” feature (only available on Charge 4 I think). This new feature can not be cheated since it needs your heart rate to be able to achieve.

Read more on this link:


Great idea! Thanks for suggesting this! (Psst, others should click :heart: on this to help spur us to prioritize it…)

I would also be very interested in this feature!

I would like this too, not because of cheating but because “active minutes” aren’t a very useful thing to maximize. AZM is much more useful.

You can fetch active zone minutes by getting time in each heart rate zone using this API:

Then you can calculate: AZM = minutes of “fat burn” + 2*(minutes of “cardio” + minutes of “peak”)

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