Improving posture?

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can beemind improving my posture? My posture is atrocious and want to start working on it.


Not related to beeminding, but what works best for me to have a better posture is to imagine that you’re a puppet.

You have a string attached to the top of your head. Pretend that someone is pulling it up.

Additionally, relax the shoulders while doing it. It’s easy to add unnecessary tension to the shoulders when trying to have a straight posture.

When it comes to beeminding it, maybe you can set alarms to remind you to sit/stand with a better posture and BM if you’ve done it or not. But I haven’t tried it myself, probably someone else has better ideas.

IMO the tricky part of getting good posture habits is to be reminded of them (in James Clear words, the “cue” to trigger the habit is often missing).

ps. I’m not a doctor.

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I use a posture corrector, there are many on Amazon. I beemind putting it on periodically.

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