Minimally Viable Adult

I’m just reading through the cool testimonials @hmowilliams is gathering and it’s inspiring and insightful. I’m debating whether my quote should be “Beeminder has made me a minimum viable adult.” But I’m not sure the humor works on testimonials and socials.

Regardless, what are you beeminding that makes you feel like you are getting a step closer to be a “proper adult”?
I’m flossing. Have a bedtime and even throw in some veggies for the mix. What goals make you feel like a functioning member of society?


I beemind haircuts! If I don’t, I end up realizing I need a haircut, and then putting off getting a haircut for another 6 weeks, and look truly shaggy.


I solved that by growing my hair out. Should probably still get haircuts tho…

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I beemind showers, workouts, putting in my retainer, clearing my email, clearing physical inboxes, doing the dishes, making myself presentable. I keep wondering if I should beemind clipping my nails, but the uncomfortable feeling of having longish nails seems like motivation enough. :stuck_out_tongue:


For a long time, I beeminded hugging my wife and hugging each of my kids.


I beemind talking melatonin at night so I actually fall asleep. I just started beeminder brushing my teeth twice a day (8 brushes a week currently: starting small!). I also beemind making a to-do list for the next day. All important!

Edit: oh I also beemind clearing my email, but imo that’s going above and beyond minimum viable human :slight_smile:


I’m going to steal this one. Awesome!