Individual Goal Page recommendations

I suggest that individual goal pages should default to the Stats tab, when accessed by URL or from the dashboard / gallery. I know the last tab selected is the one opened next time, but that isn’t the case if cookies, cache, and history have been cleared.

This information used to be displayed by default and it’s informative rather than adjustive. All the other tabs permit adjusting things while the statistics adds a little more info and clarifies the Graph. Instead of having this informative tab in the middle of the others that allow editing, it might be more logical to put it as the leftmost tab.

Anywhere data can be added, the last few data points should be displayed just like the old display did. On the new individual goal page that is lost. Even the dashboard and the expanded goals show the single most recent data point. The benefit is that I can see whether or not I’ve added my most recent data for an item. It’s not even included on the statistics page.

I miss being able to see my Fine Print except where it is set. Again, reviewing it is informative; I don’t want to be on a page where it can be edited.

It isn’t obvious how to get back to my main page. I have to search for my username and click on it. Not intuitive.