New Design: Goal description & fine print not shown

Note: I also mentioned this yesterday, but here’s a little more detail.

The goal description and fine print are now only available in the Settings tab of active goals. This means:

  1. I can’t see my goal description / fine print and my Statistics at the same time. That’s a real bummer, and frustrating. The parameters I’ve set for a goal are often an integral part of meeting the goal—I’m akratic, after all, and it helps to have Only sessions of 15 minutes or more count up front and center. Please don’t make me click around for it.

  2. Even though I’ve checked Make fine print publicly visible, it isn’t. (Nor is the goal description.) It either shouldn’t be an option any more, if you don’t plan to show other people a user’s fine print, or it should come back somewhere in the goal’s public display. (I fervently vote for the latter; I very much appreciate seeing other people’s thought processes in setting up goals.)

  3. I can’t access the description and fine print for archived goals at all. This is frustrating, because the parameters I used in setting up the goal may be useful in the future, and are still useful in understanding the past goal when I refer to it.


One possibility: move the graph legend out of the Statistics tab, and use that space to display the goal description and fine print. (The user would still set these values under Settings; here they are just displayed.)

The graph legend is purely informative, and really only something new users need. It is wasted space for seasoned users. You might put a View Graph Legend toggle beneath the Advanced Entry toggle on the right side of the graph.