Why I don't "live in the dashboard"

Since this is apparently the intended use now, and I don’t use it that way, I thought I’d say why:

  • Can’t use advanced entry. Advanced entry is much more intuitive to me. Even a toggle to 1-line advanced entry would help.
  • Can’t see my goal title (“description”) or fine print. These things remind me what my data points are supposed to mean. Of course, I currently can’t see those in the full goal page either, but I’m guessing it’s more likely to be fixed there. (And they were there before the redesign.)
  • Even expanded, the graph is too small to see more than a very broad overview of what’s happened. A tri-state toggle to show the full graph, last 30 days, or last 7 days would help here.
  • Can’t change anything about the road or pledge. I use take a break quite a lot, and I change my pledge and use the road editor sometimes.

Anyone else who’s mainly using the goal page rather than the dashboard, please add to (or concur with) my list.


I have switched to using the dashboard view instead of the gallery view, since it’s now the default, and that’s working fine for me, but like @kenoubi, I always click through to the actual goal page when I have data to enter or want to engage with that goal in any way at all, actually.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record beating a dead horse (how’s that for a mixed metaphor? and please tell me this horse isn’t dead), let me repeat @kenoubi’s second point in bold:

And boldquote @martyh from another thread:


I hope the horse isn’t dead because I’m still passionately arguing to get our goal titles back. I’m still living in the old gallery view while I wait. :scream:


Thanks again for the feedback here - keep it coming please! See here for updates on goal titles/descriptions - tl;dr is they’re back for the most part! New design: please bring functionality that was removed

The dashboard specific change (@kenoubi) is that you now get an instant mouseover of the goal description (formerly “title”). The placement is still a bit off but this should be better than nothing!

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I too want the fine print in my face when I interact with my goal. It’s now hidden in Settings as if it’s only for public display of my goal. Of course, everything about the goals is primarily for ourselves!


I’ve gone back to using the gallery page as my default (it’s bookmarked). I used the old dashboard page because it was more convenient for updating multiple goals; they were all right there on one page. Now that I would have to click to enter data (or expand all goals, and then scroll), I’d rather just use the gallery and go to the full goal page where there is more information.


@claredragonfly, I personally disagree but this is good feedback and if we can think of a way to get the best of both worlds here (last datapoint is togglable to an advanced entry field when collapsed?) then we’ll do it. Keep the feedback coming!