Instantly archive a goal for the purpose of enacting a stricter goal

Here’s the scenario.

I have a goal where, if I do a “sufficient amount of work”, I put +1 in. I’m realizing that i cant quantify “well enough”, well, well enough (cool sentence!),

I want to close that goal and make a goal x hours per day, which I know will be strictly more effort, but beeminder doesn’t know that.

I adjusted some of my charts with the road editor, which happily let me change the rate for tomorrow - the rule being that if you’re making things harder, the akrasia horizon doesn’t matter.

The reason I use beeminder is to make my life easier and be more productive. Why would I waste a week sticking to the old scheme on a technicality?

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I would say the most principled thing is to immediately create the new goal and hit archive on the old one, but during that week, use both.


I agree that it’s a good option.
On the other hand, I feel pretty sure that just the other goal would be “better” in some sense.

Considering that I use beeminder to optimize my day, does it make sense for the ideologically pure choice to annoy me? I’m not doing this as a way to slack off.

Another opposite argument: this is, even if the specific case might warrant an insta-archive imo, a slippery slope, and for beeminder to work as intended it should be used as intended.

… but again, even if that ends up making my day suboptimal (admittedly not by much)? Isn’t the point to hack and optimize myself? (which by the way totally works, and beeminder is magic and indispensable for me to achieve my goals, to be clear)

I’ve got myself into this situation. I just “cheat” on the previous goal (adding a +7 if the daily rate is 1, for example) , I set it to archive and I forget about it. I see beeminder as a way to keep me accountable, if there is a better way to do that, no reason to keep the old system in place for another week.

I set up my new goal with extra buffer of one week, and then schedule the old goal for archive. That way the transition is automatic, and I don’t compromise the force of my commitments.