Integery doesn't seem to work properly in the new layout

Didn’t notice until just now, but it’s still showing, e.g., +1.00 due for an integery goal. Those decimals are distracting and meaningless.


Indeed :scream:

On a related thing: earlier the number of decimals would adjust to the actual bare min, i.e. if I have only a tiny little bit to do before adding another day of buffer, it would show 0.0000005 or something like that. Now I have one of my goals claiming I need to do 0.00 more on it :slight_smile: I think the prior way is preferrable. What do you guys think?

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Hmmm, I wonder if that is a new float/integer related bug or whether it is just another instance of the new UI not having enough space to text.

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Me, too!