integrations / tools / apps / etc that work with

This topic is for listing any tools you’ve found or written that work well with commitsTo. They could be apps, websites, scripts, Tasker tasks - anything that helps you create or be reminded of your commitsTo entries.

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GCal integration is built in to of course. I’ve found it helpful to create a sub-calendar in Google Calendar and I select that for all the events I create. It has a custom set of notifications that are better for to-do style “events” than my normal event reminders.
(Mini-feature-wish for a setting for me to specify that sub-calendar so all my events are put into it automatically, but I don’t know if Google Calendar makes that possible and it could be considered settings-bloat in

TickTick is a freemium todo application with a website and a native app for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. It can import from Google Calendar (and optionally display only some sub-calendars) and so it can be used to add your commitments to your todo list. If you upgrade to premium, TickTick will read from Google Calendar directly and will pick up each new commitment as soon as you’ve used the GCal link. The free version on Android doesn’t directly integrate with Google but does read from your phone’s local calendar, so assuming you have the Google Calendar app on your phone, you just need sync it after you add a commitment to GCal to make it appear in TickTick. I don’t know if or how this works in the free versions on the other platforms.

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byorgey made an emacs command that uses the above bash script:

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