Invoice / Receipt For Premium

I’ve just paid for Premium. I intend to treat this as a business deductible. However, I’ve not received a confirmation of payment or anything else similar to proof of purchase. Nor is such documentation available from the Payments page in my account. How can I obtain an invoice or receipt for the Premium charge?


Sorry we’re slow with this! Turns out Stripe makes it incredibly easy. I just clicked “send receipt” for you, @florismk, so let me know if that comes through.

If y’all keep clicking :heart: on Floris’s post then we’ll hurry and make that automatic. In the meantime just ping us at and ask us to generate one!

Got it, thanks! And it’s rather heart-warming that receipts are sent only after human intercession. That oh so important personal note! :grinning:


We finally do this automatically now! @bee++