My card isn't getting charged!

I just looked through my card to verify charges and… none showed up, even though I’ve derailed quite a few times since setting up this new round of goals!

What is more, when I log in and look at payments, none of my derailments show up!

This seems like a top-tier bug since it’s costing Beeminder revenue!


Thanks for the bug report! You can email with bugs too, especially ones that might need some back and forth or involve billing.

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I have, but I haven’t gotten much of a response.

I haven’t heard anything at all from @dreev for a while - maybe he blocked my email!

I’m confused how Beeminder is making money if no one’s card is getting charged - or is it just my account that charges don’t work for? This seems like a very urgent bug if no one is paying Beeminder anything! @dreev @bee

i was last successfully charged on the 26th, so i don’t think it’s a universal problem. (no charge was due to go through since then i believe, but i just derailed again an hour ago, so we’ll see.)

Mine wasn’t even unsuccessfully charged - the charge doesn’t even show up on the list of payments.

Crazy that it’s just mine - what is going on here? Very worried I’m being given the runaround by Beeminder here.

I have no issues on my end I have had three charges recently.

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@dreev is probably exact scamming @zedmango because he is always sassy in the Forum.

JK! I am sure there is a good reason for the issue and why dreev is not getting back to you via email. I am 90% sure you are not blocked.

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Is @zedmango getting charged again? I am worried.

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Aww hey thanks! They’ve been trying to deal with it by manually charging me until they figure out the bug. I wanted to reply earlier but I was accidentally caught in the spam filter!

Danny says I am probably not the only one who is experiencing this bug, so others may not be getting charged as well!


I am getting charged again! Hurray!