iOS App Update

Was the removal of the timer from the latest version of the iOS app deliberate? If not could I have it back please!

I’m guessing the “removal of all routes from the app to” is something to do with Apple’s T&Cs and not Beeminder’s choice, but not being able to access any details of my goals other than the last few datapoints is already frustrating me.

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Sounds horrible (especially the latter part)… Does that mean you can no longer reach the goal page from the app?


I used the goal link a lot from the app, like when I needed to refresh a toggl goal or update a commitment. Not having that is a big loss.


Just adding that this has to be seen in the context of Will Apple kick Beeminder off the App Store? | Manifold.


Today’s weekly beemail had more context on this, but:

  • The timer removal is just a bug I didn’t notice in a rush to resolve App Store policy issues and make sure the app stayed available. It will be back soon.*
  • Link to goal is a bit less clear, as Apple’s rules here are not clearly explained, or always consistently applied. We’re optimistic we’ll be able to bring it back.
  • This is a great time to add all your use cases for the goal link though - perhaps we can add some of these as first class app features.

*Not committing to a precise timeline here as this all went down at a very inconvenient with respect to other life commitments.


That was my guess as to what happened, I’ll look forward to it’s return rather than rejigging my workflows, thank you!

  • viewing more data than the app shows (at least 25 or whatever a page on the web is but ability to get all as you can on the web would be a bonus)
  • editing past data. This really feels like something where an app ought to be easier than the website but the app’s rather painful. E.g. “1 Click data row to edit, 2 click date, 3 click date field that appears, 4 change data on calendar pop up, 5 click somewhere else to dismiss calendar, 6 click update button”. Would be nice if that could condense to “1 click data to edit, 2 change date on calendar pop up, 3 click save or cancel” and similar for editing data.
  • viewing the commitment dial (and changing it would be nice too)
  • viewing the “amounts due by day” from the statistics tab.
  • viewing the “take a break” section from the stop/pause tab (and changing it would be nice too)

And a feature request while I’m here

  • ability to add a comment when you save a timer datapoint rather than always having to go back and edit the “automatically entered from iOS” comment.

No problem, your efforts to maintain the iOS app are very much appreciated! :bouquet:


There is now a beta TestFlight build which restores the timer.

You can join the beta program with this link: Join the Beeminder beta - TestFlight - Apple


I’m missing the link to the goal page too–i’d like to be able to check my fine print on some goals when adding data manually


Now I’ve got it back on the beta app :blush:

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It’s back in version 6.5, nice
Although, now that it’s gone and come back, using the iOS “share” icon to open the website feels weird


And if we’re doing requests, could we create a goal to push a new version to testflight at least every 90 days (or whatever the expiry is)? It’s always slightly awkward to delete and reinstall (in either direction).

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could we create a meta – dashboard – beeminder goal to push a new version to testflight at least every 90 days

That’s not something I can commit to. We could get someone else from BeeHQ set up with the ability to push releases if they wanted to.