Important update to the iPhone app

New version of the Beeminder iPhone app (version 3.1.1) is out! New features, key bugfixes, and doesn’t crash on iOS 7 anymore!

Here are the details:

  • Fixed: The generalized midnight update was causing datapoints to show the wrong date.
  • Fixed: If you entered multiple datapoints in a row, the date value stepper would be off after you submitted the datapoint
  • Added the minimum to get to each lane of your road on the goal gallery screen
  • Added the goal rate to the gallery screen
  • Added the last updated timestamp at the top of the gallery
  • Bug fix that was crashing for iOS 7 users (sorry!)
  • Layout fixes for Settings screen and position of recent datapoints on goal screen
  • Double tap zooms the graph back out

Thanks to @apb for building it and to you all for the feedback and bug reports! Keep it coming!


There’s still one major bug remaining, it’s crashing the app for about 6 users so far. I’ve been looking into the cause, but as a stopgap it should fix itself if you delete the Beeminder app and then reinstall it (sorry for the hassle!).

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Why have all of my goals disappeared? (4S, iOS8)

At the top of the screen it says “Last updated: more than an hour ago” and below it there are none of my goals listed. At other times it might have 2-3 of my goals listed. If I go to settings and click “Reload Goals”, it usually brings back my list… but not this time when I went to test it again it seems.


I’m getting this too. I always have to go to Settings and reload goals to make the graphs appear when I enter the app (also on a 4S, iOS8)

UPDATE: Looks like a delete/reinstall of the app has fixed the problem.


Delete/reinstall seems to have worked for me too.

Thanks @ghosttrails!

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Crashing is still happening for me and I’ve deleted and resinstalled the app 3 times. It seems like it might be a facebook login component because after crash the app is still in the background after facebook authentication. It says goals last updated more than an hour ago. I’ve been able to quickly click on the gear but it still crashes even once that window loads.

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Could you try again and let me know if it’s still happening? We fixed an issue earlier this morning that sounds similar to the behavior you’re describing.

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