iOS in Arabic makes the BM app unusuable


I use the iOS BM app. I recently changed my operating system language into Arabic, however, which means that numerals are now Arabic numerals – the real ones, not the western-derived ones. BM seems to use whatever the system default is when displaying numerals, so everything in BM uses that (see the attached screenshots).

Inputting data via the app, however, doesn’t work, since the BM app won’t accept the Arabic numerals (which I can now only alter via the plus and minus buttons), so I’m effectively unable to input any data into the app.

Is there any way to fix this, appreciating that I am perhaps an edge case, here…



Great bug report! I know @apb has had his system language set to French so maybe he can try Arabic out and see if he can reproduce this.

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Just to be exact, the numbers are not a matter of the system language setting, but the regional language/formats setting.


Thanks for this Alex. I believe the data entry is fixed for 4.2 which should be released soon. On the gallery page, would you expect the derailment times and the rates to be localized to the iOS language/region format, or force English/US? I’m leaning towards leaving those the same as the OS format since they’re display-only.


I think both would work. One issue is that often localised number systems aren’t as easily engrained in people’s heads as the ones used in Europe/USA (even if they’re from somewhere else) so for quick reference it might be easier to have them forced into English/US. Or maybe give users the option to choose? I could make an argument for either way…

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Yeah I think you’re right - it’s safer to just force English/US. The watermarks on the graph use that, and it’s pretty much assumed that if you’re using Beeminder at all you’ve got a good grasp of English. There’s not much benefit to having the localized number system.

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