Is it cheating to add data to the past?

I Beemind a metric that’s based on a whole-day calculation. I can estimate it throughout the day, but I avoid doing so when I can, just for data cleanliness’ sake.

This means that most of the time, I wait until the next morning to log data. Does that cheat the auto-ratchet system?

I’m not exactly sure how the auto-ratchet math works, and haven’t been paying close enough attention to see if I’ve been getting extra days of buffer as a result of logging late.


i don’t think you should get extra amounts of buffer if you log the data for the previous day. of course, if you log yesterday’s data as today’s data, that would obviously be cheating.

for various reasons i sometimes retroactively add data, mostly because i forgot to do it yesterday. in my experience it gives me the same amounts of buffer it would have, had i entered the data yesterday, but i’ve also never studied it in detail.


I am very certain that @enbee is correct.


Thanks for the peace of mind. :slight_smile:

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