Is something wrong with my beeminder goal? Yellowbrick road far above datapoints <-- screenshot of my goal on imgur

I set a goal to do less than an hour of unproductive time daily on My yellowbrick road is starting at about 50 cumulative hours. Why is that? My data points clearly show far less time than this.

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you know how with a do-more goal or an odometer, you have the option to start with a week of safety buffer?

on do-less goals, we don’t give you the option - we give it to you by default! the graph is starting at such a high point (which is 2x the starting weekly rate, just FYI) to give you a bit of leeway, so you don’t immediately derail after goal creation**. so you can go a bit crazy at the beginning if you’d like (just like with a do-more goal, how you can do-nothing in week 1), but eventually you’d catch up to your limit and have to keep underneath the YBR.

if you don’t want the buffer, hit the retroratchet button to throw it away and be on the hook for reals immediately.

** this totally doesn’t make sense for your RT goal. but let’s say i made a goal to only eat fast food once a week. if beeminder started the graph at 0 and i go eat fast food tomorrow, i would derail - because i hadn’t waited long enough to “earn” my meal, according to beeminder, even though i didn’t fail at maintaining my 1/wk limit yet! if the graph starts higher, i have more flexibility about when i can eat that allowed meal.


For a do less goal, you need to be under your road so this is a good thing.


Got it. Thanks!