How do I set up a goal to reduce unproductive time on RescueTime?

I have set up a goal to pull in my RescueTime data (just started collecting).

I’m a little confused how specify the parameters of this goal in a way that works with Beeminder’s philosophy of the yellow brick road. Can this goal be done on a day by day basis? Or does this defeat the “yellow brick road” strategy of permitting minor detractions?

What if I wanted to simply make sure my total unproductive hours are less than 1 hour per day? Or x hours per week?


What I do is aim to have “distracting/very distracting” be below 1 hour a day on average. That would be a Do Less goal for unproductive time, with the rate set to 7 hours/week.

Here’s mine.

I also made one for limiting social media, since that was one of my main addictions.


Thanks, did you arbitrarily set the goal date for the end of the year? Is the goal date, practically, when you want beeminder to stop tracking your daily 1 hour maximum? If you want to slowly decrease your social media usage, do you change the weekly rate at a later point?


Oh, no; I didn’t set that deadline. By default, Beeminder sets the deadline to 1.5 years after the date the goal was created. I created those goals on 2015/06/02, and 548 days later would be 2016/12/01. The deadline can be set to whenever, and can be changed at any time.

And yes! The rate can be changed at any time, and will take effect 7 days after you change it.