Is there any Clockify integration at all? Time Tracking suggestions?

I often use Clockify to track time spent on certain habits. It’s be great to be able to pull that time into a Do More type task here, so I can commit to carry out 5 hours on an activity a week.

I guess i could just manually enter time spent here, but I know that the more i have to remember to manually copy data from site A to site b the less likely i am to do it.

If there is no integration then what is the recommended way of tracking generic time spent, so logging an hour here, 20 mins there and so on.

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Beeminder has a Toggl integration. When you create a new goal (beeminder) you can click on the Toggl integration button.

You can sign up for Toggl here: The crappy part about Toggl is it is like 3x more expensive than Clockify but Toggl tends to have way more integrations.



I already have a nice workflow with clockify on their free tier, not really sure I want to move over to another tracking tool for this one item.

Perhaps manually logging the time is easier here?

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Yeah manual tracking is probably your best bet. If you only track web stuff you could also use the rescuetime integration.

It automatically tracks how long you are on websites/apps and then you can categorize them as distracting/productive etc.

The free tier of Rescuetime is pretty nice

RescueTime - Beeminder Help.

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I’ve beeminded Clockify in the past using their webhook to send data to Beeminder via a PHP script that was running on my own web server.

I’ve no idea if my script would still work as I haven’t used Clockify since 2021 and don’t know if they’ve changed the system, and I think it was always at least a little flaky, but it looks like I used it for a year or so. If you have some webspace where you can host PHP scripts then I’d be happy to send you a copy.

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Hi k1rsty,

Thanks for the offer. I dont really think I have a way of hosting or running it so I’ll look into what other options there are. I probably just need to reframe how I think about tracking time and entering the data.