what type of goal to use when my automatic source of data resets its value to 0 every week?

I have one app to track calories burned and I wanted to automatically beemind that data. I have an automation app that can get the number of calories and send it to Beeminder through IFTTT (or Beeminder’s API but it will be easier to send it just to IFTTT).

So the problem is that is very difficult to get access to the number of calories burned in a day or to the number of calories burned in total.

I can only get the number of calories burned in the current week and that number gets back to 0 every week.

So I’m not sure which kind of goal could support automated data that goes like this:

  • Monday: 20 calories
  • Tuesday: 35 calories ( 20 from yesterday + 15 from Tuesday)
  • Sunday: 150 calories ( from the total calories burned for this week )
  • Monday: 20 calories ( another week so number resets )
  • Tuesday: 42 calories ( 20 from yesterday + 22 from Tuesday from this new week)
  • and so on…

I haven’t seen a way to integrate my fitness app with another service to facilite things also :frowning:

Any ideas? Is it possible to have a goal that asks for daily data that could support this input? (I usually work on my goals when I’m on beemergency)


Folks, this fits an odometer goal like… perfectly, right?


I guess you’d have to make sure to enter a 0 at the weekly reset!

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I read about the type of goal. I will try to see if it fits well :smiley: thanks!


Hey this goal has been great so far :smiley: I went from no exercise to at least 15 cals burned through exercise/day https://www.beeminder.com/ken_vega/exercise

I have this problem though… I have reduce safety buffer to 0 days to make sure I always do exercise even if I did more of 15 on one day. But yesterday I think I did more than usual and today I had 1 safety buffer day even with the option to trim the safety buffer to 0. I made sure the data was public so anyone can see it in case you have an idea of why I still have one safety buffer day.

how can I make sure that it won’t do that? I didn’t do exercises because I didn’t have the emergency day :grimacing:

note: the resets where on sundays instead of mondays but it still works ok :slight_smile:

Hmmm… sounds like a good one to dig into; thanks for mentioning it! :face_with_monocle: Ah, I know why this is happening! You have data entered on the 25th but dated 26th.

The graph doesn’t take into account data entered in the future when ratcheting!

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could it be a problem with timezones (?) good thing is that the data sent has the exact timestamp at which I send it: November 25, 2020 at 08:36PM (and I’m on UTC-5)

I’m pretty sure that I entered that data on 25th but I think somehow beeminder ended up interpreting it as 26th o:

Edit: I just noticed that is happening again O: I logged more data few minutes ago and it’s interpreting it as it was logged tomorrow


What’s your timezone here set to? I’m GMT+1 but I have it set at UTC so I have a bit more extra lazyness time :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like your timezone is UTC-5 – is that right?

Yup :+1: