It's official: You can now support me on Ko-fi

Recently I posted this thread, where I was thinking through the possibility of starting a Patreon:

I want to focus on building for the Beeminder community. Is Patreon the answer?

TLDR: I’ve built lots of things for the Beeminder community, and I’d like to build more, as well as giving more attention to TaskRatchet and other projects I’ve already built. But TaskRatchet doesn’t make enough money to let me do that, so letting people support me directly might be a [partial] solution to being able to focus more on the work that I believe provides the most value to people.

Well, I’ve taken the plunge, though with Ko-fi instead of Patreon (thanks @rperce!). Here it is:

And here’s the Beeminder goal that will be keeping me consistent with writing exclusive content for supporters:

Open to membership perk feedback and all other thoughts and reactions!